High Trade Friday

June 17, 2022

The first event to be coordinated by Brazen Illinois Drivel & Heavy Industries, High Trade Friday is sure to be a notable, memorable, and fun day for Illinois citizens. If given enough thought and planning, Illinois businesses should also have a great opportunity to engage customers and possibly generate publicity. The, “Everybody wins!” nature of this event is precisely¬† what BILD-HI is all about.

Imagine you’re a barber or you go to get your hair cut on June 17 and instead of going to your usual shop, you report in to a tree house. Think of an antiques dealer setting up a gallery on the roof of their shop. High Trade Friday is all about transacting normal business in an abnormal location; as elevated as you can get! ¬†

On this site is some simple concepts any retailer ought to be able to pull off, and details on how to claim a win for yourself on High Trade Friday!